PRESENTING the ‹MERILLER-VAPEUR 24› Club in Dordogne (France)

Diorama, a new part of the main network – 2020.

The municipality of Coulounieix-Chamiers, located on the outskirts of Périgueux (Dordogne’s Prefecture in France), is intimately linked to the world of railways .

Club members

Fifty members participate in various activities of Mériller-Vapeur 24 Club, whose premises are located in the old municipal workshops, rue du Colonel Rossel.

This club includes several activities:
Maintenance and beautification of the Mériller roundabout, on the road to Bordeaux, where is exposed a steam locomotive type 150 A 65 « the Decapoda ».
Recovery and classification of archival materials in order to keep remnants of the railway endeavor in the region.
Model making section that deals with the construction of a fixed railway network in the club house, and a removable network and some dioramas presented in club exhibitions.

An ancient railway crane renoved in 2018.

Chaired by Roger MAROUBY, the club offers various activities on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.
If you visit us, a friendly welcome will provide to you all the informations you want to get.

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